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The Identity of Divinity: a Rock Opera
I wrote this rock opera in 1972 in opposition to the bad theology of the then-popular Jesus Christ Superstar. With the help of students, faculty, fellow church members, and members of the community at large, we presented a single performance in the spring of that year.

I wish I could name everyone who helped with it, but I'll name only Tom Malaby, who played twelve-year-old Jesus in Act one, and Jack Wright, who played Jesus in Acts Two and Three. Many thanks to everyone who participated—and to everyone who was in the audience.

This recording keeps the memories alive for me. I hope it will speak to you as well. In order to achieve a sense of continuity, I haven't separated the songs here; I don't think I could. I simply divided the recording into first and second halves. You may want to follow the libretto while you listen. Click here to do that.