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Photographs: Some by Roger, Some of Roger

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Tops for Operation Christmas Child

Fancy guitar inlay at Martin Guitar Factory

Jett Williams, Hank. Sr's daughter

2012 Republican rally(1968)

Happy zonked out

Sitting on Dishes (1968)

Exhibit Hall Reflexions (1968)

Roger on Roof Top (1968)

Roger the Thinker (1968)

Umbrella Hall (1968)

San Diego Wipeout

May I Help You?

Taylor Guitars use wood glue that glows

Off-Roading in the Mountains

Keturah at Ping Pong

Sunrise at the Beach

Beach Grasses at Sunset

Kathleen at Beach

Cooling It at the Beach

Beach Moon

With Kathleen, 2003

Arrival of Found in Translation

Back of Hair Braided in Bahamas

Which One's the Dummy?

In the Home Studio

Singing at Windsor Church, Australia

Used to Use CPAP

Dancing at Kristi's Wedding

Reflections of River at Dusk

Ice Cream Cookie at Epcot Center

With Daughter Kristi

Relaxing on the Sofa

With Kids in Romania

Personalized Plate

My Target Store Look-Alike

Petting a Koala

With Parrot in Bunya Mountains

High School Folk Trio, The Flatlanders

Looks Real, Doesn't It?

Advance for First Two Books

Morning Iris

Ashes in a Double Reflection

Sleepy Koala

Robin Babies

Abandoned Outback Hotel

Baby Wallaby

Solva Low Tide

2009-2010 winter

One-day Bloom of Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower Closeup

Beanie Babies

Momma Mockingbird

A Sun Dog Moment

Opening Pastor Gus

With Huge Aslan Stuffed Animal