1. Kim missed her connecting flight because of carelessness and irresponsibility and delayed orientation in the process.
    1. How would you have reacted to the problems Kim caused?
    2. Have you ever brought troubles on yourself or on someone else by your carelessness or thoughtlessness?
    3. How did it make you feel?
    4. How did it make others feel?
    5. What did you learn from your experience?

  2. Kim went off the deep end when she first learned about the project change.
    1. Describe a situation when you discovered that the circumstances were completely different from what you'd expected.
    2. How did you react?
    3. Do you think you'd react the same way now?
    4. Why or why not?
    5. What advice would you have given Kim if you'd been Aleesha whispering in Kim's ear during orientation?

  3. Kim might have turned around and gone home again if not for Aleesha's support during orientation.
    1. Describe a time you've taken a stand supporting someone who was unpopular with a majority of the group?
    2. Has anyone ever given you that type of support?
    3. What effect did giving support have on you? on the person you supported? on the group itself?
    4. Should Aleesha have spoken out in support of Kim instead of just supporting her quietly? Why do you think she didn't? Would you have done so?

  4. Kim was determined to stop cursing.
    1. How do you feel about Christians cursing and using vulgarity?
    2. Why should Christians be careful about their language when the Ten Commandments only forbid taking God's name in vain?
    3. Do you behave differently with non-Christians than with Christians?
    4. What habits do you have that may make a negative impact on others?

  5. Kim could have given up trying to accomplish anything useful after breaking her arm.
    1. Describe a time in your life when you were unable to carry through with an important assignment or commitment.
    2. Was it your fault or something beyond your control? (Did the dog really eat your homework?)
    3. How far do you go in carrying through with commitments? How easily do you give up on them?

  6. Kim was concerned about Geoff's non-Christian behavior.
    1. Have you ever been in a situation where someone you thought to be a Christian wanted you to do something that went against your Christian beliefs?
    2. How did you respond? Did you feel like condemning him or her?
    3. Is it possible to really help someone like Geoff without getting to know him or her first? Why or why not?

  7. Everyone in Found in Translation seemed to need forgiveness from someone else.
    1. Have you ever held a grudge? Against a Christian or a non-Christian? For how long?
    2. Have you ever been in a situation where someone refused to forgive you-no matter how much you apologized and tried to make things right again? How did that make you feel?
    3. Did your lack of forgiveness affect your relationship with God?
    4. Have you ever prayed for an enemy? What effect did your prayers have?
    5. What do you think about the on-off forgiveness counter described in this book?

  8. Kim's litter cleanup was a godly idea, but not totally God's idea.
    1. Have you ever done a godly project for the wrong reason?
    2. Did God bless it, anyhow?
    3. How does a person determine if a project is in God's will or not?

  9. The oral reading of the Gospel of Luke in Spanish was both a godly idea and God's idea.
    1. Describe something you have felt God calling you to do that seemed totally impossible. Did you end up doing-or at least trying to do-it? Why or why not?
    2. Would you be willing to carry out a God-assigned project that probably wouldn't show results? Why or why not?
    3. What does it take to bring you out of your comfort zone?

  10. Found in Translation teaches a number of lessons important for Christians of all ages to learn.
    1. What part of this book has hit you the hardest personally?
    2. Will that lesson lead to any changes in your walk with God?
    3. What steps will you take to take to apply that lesson?

  11. What does the title Found in Translation mean to you as it relates to the content?