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I haven't written many new songs since becoming a novelist, but God inspired me to write one recently, and I've added a recording of it on the Home Recordings page. Go here and select "When I Walk with Him" to hear it.

Read reviews of The Devil and Pastor Gus on the Reviews page or at Amazon. The eighteen Amazon reviews have a 4.4 star average rating.

Here's one of the reviews:
Really enjoyed this engaging story - a great "inside" look at Satan and his tricks and twists. He manages to twist himself into being the loser he already is, once again, and pride is always his downfall. Pastor Gus is a great picture of all of us - we start out with a great idea but so easily get off the path. Thankfully we have a Father who loves us always and forever!!

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In July, this website had visitors from sixty-one countries—a new high. We've had visitors from two as of August 1. Poland has provided the most visitors this month, with the United States second. A big brotherly hug to all of my world-wide guests.

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"He who has a why to live can bear
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Friedrich Nietzsche

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