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Roger with a former student who came from Williamsburg for the book release party at my church

Thought for
the Week

"Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people."
Eleanor Roosevelt
—Previous Thoughts—

Great news! Not long after my two Altered Hearts novels went out of print and the rights were reverted to me, I signed a contract with Winged Publishing to re-publish not only Found in Translation, but also Lost in Dreams, which we've renamed A Season of Pebbles; that name is closer to my original intended title. Those two books are already available.

But Winged will also published Overshadowed, the previously unpublished third Altered Hearts book and will publish The Flowers of His Field, the tentatively titled unwritten conclusion to the series.

Peggy Phifer posted my article about how Rosa No-Name came to be. Read it here.

Cindy Huff published my article about the effect of writers conferences on my life on her blog. Take a look here.

Rosa No-Name hasn't been out long enough to have but four reviews, but they are wonderful and have a 4.7 star Amazon rating:

"I thoroughly enjoyed this fast paced book. Waiting to see what would happen to Rosa and how she would be able to overcome her obstacles made me keep turning the pages. Roger is a talented writer."

"Wow, talk about overcoming adversity and thriving in a tough world. You will admire Rosa's tenacity and root for her from beginning to the end. Roger Bruner's sense of humor and skills easily convey through his writing. Enjoy!!"

"This Book was so beautifully written. Takes you on a roller coaster of emotions! Very descriptive writing, you feel as if your there! Wonderful cast of characters. I was rooting for Rosa!! This was a prequel to Found in Translation, now I can't wait to read it!! I highly recommend this book!"

"I have read most of Roger's books. His writing style is one I thoroughly admire. I also love his plot development skill, his character portrayals. AND his humor. Rosa No-Name was engaging! I read it in the middle of the night more than once. Even better, it ends well. A good book ends well. Rosa No-Name IS a good book!"

If you've read Rosa No-Name but haven't written a review yet, would you consider submitting one on Amazon or Good Reads? You'll be helping other readers decide whether they might enjoy reading Rosa.

Not every book is for every reader. But The Devil and Pastor Gus has had some really nice reviews. Here are some of the most recent ones.

"Interesting to see how the devil gets into hearts and lives and humans try to play both sides. Pastor Gus was a fun character."

"Quirky, fun, touching, and unexpected ending. Worth the effort and time to read. Looking forward to more from Roger Bruner."

"This is such a great book couldn't put it down once I got started interesting and gives hope that you can beat the devil and know God's love is never ending."

A big brotherly hug to all of my world-wide guests, no matter where you live. I hope you enjoy your visit and come again soon.

Best regards,

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